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Discovery and Inspiration in a journey of the mind from West to East, weaving memories like threads interwoven with the places of emotions that the palate will find in the dishes, recognizing the harmony of a symphony and the strength of the waves, falling in love with each taste, finding itself.

Research & inspiration


From East to West


The journey begins


Molaro Concept

2 ERRE S.r.l. Via San Sossio 2/a bis 80049 - Somma Vesuviana (NA) P. Iva 09000491218


Contaminazioni Restaurant

Via S. Sossio, 2

80049 - Somma Vesuviana (NA)


+39 333 761 6744


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Monday Closed

Tuesday through Saturday 12/4.30pm 7.30pm/00am

Sunday 12/4pm

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