Chef Giuseppe Molaro’s cuisine is both territorial and cosmopolitan, the direct and tangible fruit of the many experiences – the “Contaminations” – that he has gained around the world since he was very young.

Naples, Northern Ireland, Spain, Portugal, the Arab Emirates, Japan: his career is a continuous journey into ever new worlds and cultures, which remain with him and accompany him on his personal journey.

When at La Pergola in Rome he meets Heinz Beck-who will choose him as his right-hand man from then on-his cuisine goes even further, not only geographically. Not surprisingly, it was with him that the Michelin star came, won and maintained as Executive Chef in Tokyo.

Now, with his Contaminations Restaurant, the boundary drawn is even more extreme and avant-garde.

In his idea of cuisine, every corner of the world he has visited seems to find its perfect place, in a balance each time surprising, full of suggestions and stories to be discovered at the tip of the fork.

And Contaminations Restaurant, from its name, is the place born to host this mix, the home born to host this passionate study of a subject as vast as the world.

Being a chef today, he is using all his skills to the best of his ability, organizing the team, the creating process and discipline.

In every country, he researched for quality of ingredients, to understanding the local market, and what grown in the county, seasonality and then to transform all this in to flavors with the ingredients and the taste all working in perfect harmony together. Working on the menu based on the season, the base product is the most important thing.

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