Giuseppe Molaro

Giuseppe began his culinary career at the age of 14 in the family restaurant in the Neapolitan tradition. Watching his father cook, it came naturally to him that this is what he wants in his life. Thanks to his family, he started this beautiful journey to become a chef with his father as his inspiration.

The starting point of his journey was culinary school at IPSSAR De Medici in Ottaviano, being in the kitchen and cooking has always been his forte, for him being a chef was not a job, it was a lifestyle with passion.
After graduating from catering school, Giuseppe continued to learn in various restaurants in Campania. There he was able to combine classic skills and innovation.

Ireland was his first experience outside Italy for a year and a half, and then he moved on to Santi Santamaria’s kitchen in Spain.
At “El Raco De Can Fabes***,” Giuseppe took his first steps knowing how to respect a raw material of the highest quality. It was a very big learning curve for him, learning what it means to work as and in a team. The discipline, the cleanliness, the long hours, the constant pressure, and most of all, achieving the goal as a team member. It was a new perspective of what it means to be a chef and to cook at the highest level that pushed him to learn and do better and better.

After two years, he wanted to extend his knowledge from classic cooking to something more experimental and moved to work with Heinz Beck. It was here that with Heinz Beck he learned to bring aesthetics and taste together and discovered new techniques. He found new ingredients and combinations to bring new tastes to life. And thanks to Heinz Beck he was able to expand his knowledge by working in several of Heinz Beck’s restaurants – in Rome (La Pergola***), in Pescara, in Portugal, in Dubai and finally in Tokyo. After about a year and a half, he became executive chef of “Heinz beck Tokyo” in 2016.

In 2017, he brought the first Michelin star to Heinz beck Tokyo, the second Italian to obtain a Michelin star in Japan.

After about 4 years of fruitful days in Japan, in early 2019, Giuseppe returned to his hometown to start his own restaurant project with his father in Somma Vesuviana, Naples.
His “Contaminations Restaurant” opened on November 21, 2019, and again, Giuseppe brought a Michelin star in 2021, although it was extremely difficult and exhausting for the restaurateur due to the pandemic.

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After 12 years under Heinz Beck around the world, Giuseppe returns to the small village in Campania and gets his first Michelin star by strokes of acidity and fermentation.

Awards & Acknowledgements.
In Tokyo (2014-2018)

‣ Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence 2017

‣ Heinz Beck 6 Stars Diamond Award 2016 and 2017

‣ Sensi by Heinz Beck 5 Stars Diamond Awards 2016 and 2017

‣ Tre forchette Gambero Rosso 2017-2018-2019

‣ The Best Chef Awards posizione 190 of 300 in 2018 and posizione 233 of 300 in 2019

‣ Michelin Star* for the Heinz Beck Restaurant 2018-2019

‣ Gault Millau guide 2018 ,14/20-2 cappelli

In Italia (2019-)

‣ Premio Top di Domani 2021 from Touring Club

‣ 2 Cappelli from LE Guide de L’Espresso 2021

‣ Identita Golose Guida 2021, 2022, 2023

‣ Gambero Rosso Due forchette (82 of 100) 2021, Due forchette (83 of 100) 2022,2023

‣ Novita dell’Anno of Il Mattino in 2021

‣ 1 Michelin Star* for the Contaminazioni Rerstaurant 2022, 2023

‣One of “100 eccellenze italiane 2022” from Forbes Italia

‣Best New Restaurant Europe 24 of Top 30 from Opinionated About Dining ‣50 Top Italy (43/50) 2022, 2023.

‣Il giovane dell’anno from La Guida de L’Espresso 2022

I came back here in my hometown
after about more than 10 years of experiences in overseas.
I think it’s time to contribute back to my origin.

"Somma Vesuviana is suburb of Naples but I believe the potential of this place and we can bloom anywhere if we are doing something different with others. Now I’m obsessed about a lot of method which I learned when I was in Japan, including the knowledge I learnt from my Japanese parents/grand parents in law."

Giuseppe Molaro
Food Service for the Events in Tokyo (2014-2018)
  • A.Lange & Söhne
  • Chanel
  • Christofle
  • Damiani
  • Etro

  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Mcm
Food Event Participation
  • Ego Festival 2020 in Taranto
  • Wine event in Casa Setaro 2020 in Trecase
Teaching in the Culinary School
  • Campus Principe Napoli in Agerola
  • Gambero Rosso in Nola (NA)
  • Dolce e Salato in Maddaloni (CE)
  • Toffini Academy in Napoli
Collaboration Project
  • Firenze Sake – Videography
  • In Tasca – Partner/Supervising the taste
  • Forte Village –Pop up in 2022 Summer

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